Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

My, husband wants to be referred to as "Lester the Empty Nester" for the duration of this blog. Long story short, his name is Dave but "Lester" was a name he used years ago when we first came to Nashville to pursue a career in the music biz. (but that's another blog post.) We were eventually successful but struggled as most artists do for a few years. During this time, my husband did a lot of house painting and was paid under the table as "Lester Meade". Twenty-some years later, I believe he is thrilled to have "Lester" back in his life if only on the pages of this blog. (We had a lot of fun imagining crazy scenarios for him!)  Now "Lester" is only one of many hats he has worn over the years. Not only was he a painter but he is also a drummer, a songwriter and a music publisher.He has just launched a new (and extremely progressive) website : . It is taking off by leaps and bounds! If you are an Indie artist or need music for licensing or to promote your "Brand", stop by the site and have a look around. The music is fresh and fun!
 OK, back to "Lester". In his wildest dreams, I don't believe he would ever have imagined wearing the hat of "Dear Old Dad"! But if you ask him he will gladly tell you it is one of the finest and most cherished hats he has ever worn, and here's why:

Here's Father and Son sharing a moment on the beach at Tybee Island, Ga. We went to Savannah to check out Savannah College of Art and Design over the Thanksgiving Holiday, 2010.

And here he is helping "College Kid" with his necktie before the High School Graduation ceremony. I guess what I'd like to say is that I've never met a more loving, giving, hands-on Dad and I'm so grateful to have him in my life. Happy Father's Day, Lester.                                          


  1. thank you for stopping by. your name is in the draw. good luck hugs from Italy

    ps I can't understand the meaning of "empy-nester"

  2. Hello Jennie,
    I love your story about your husband & son. It made me think of my husband & myself now that we are also empty nesters. We have been married for 44 years & our son is now married with a family of his own. It is lonely at times without him or our grandson, but we love our "alone time" together (hubby & myself). Now that we are both retired it is a lot of fun. Thank you so much for reading my blog on the Blu U treatment. I hope you will keep me posted when you have it done. I am a new blogger & I hope you will join my blog. I will keep watching yours as well.
    Marje N.